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White Milan Pasta

White Milan Pasta - Pasta is prepared in light lunches, such as salads or large portion sizes for dinner. As a category in Italian cuisine, both fresh and dried pastas are classically used in dishes, here we introduce dried pastas.... Continue Reading →

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Mutter Sang Paneer

Mutter Sang Paneer- This recipe is 100% veg recipe and most of Indians like mutter panner which is inspired from north and found each and every restaurant in India. This paneer recipe is very delicious India style curry which is... Continue Reading →

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Palak Da Paneer

Palak Da Paneer- This recipe is one of the best recipes in India it is made up of shallow fry paneer mix with palak gravy, onion, garlic and Indian spices. This recipe is originating from Punjab. The recipe which i... Continue Reading →

Bhindi Bhurji

Bhindi Bhurji– Bhindi bhurji or we can say that okra recipe is very popular and serve in every Indian houses, here we will tell you how the onions free mom’s style recipe is being made. It is very simple sabzi... Continue Reading →

Bedmi Puri Aalu Sabji Delhi wali

Bedmi Puri Aalu Sabji Delhi wali– Bedmi Puri is very famous cuisine in whole Delhi, you will find it everywhere in morning, it is the most popular breakfast recipe of Delhi. Bedmi Puri is serving with aalu Sabji and filled... Continue Reading →

Kashmiri Dum Aalu

Kashmiri Dum Aalu – Dum aalu is very famous Indian recipe, it is basically derived from Indian state of Kashmir and Aalu we all know that it is the king of all vegetables so, it is the combination of paneer... Continue Reading →

Rajma Makhni

Rajma Makhnil- This recipe is derived from very famous Indian cuisine dal makhni. It is the combination of Rajma(red kidney beans), onions, tomatoes, butter, cream and Indian spices and one of the special Indian cuisine. You can serve this recipe... Continue Reading →

Makhni Dal

Makhni Dal- This recipe is very famous India cuisine and almost every Indian like this, its taste is so yummy that everyone is attracted basically this recipe is from Punjab region of India. It is the combination of Sabut Masoor(black... Continue Reading →

Paneer Italiano Pizza

Paneer Italiano Pizza- Pizza is an Italian dish generally topped with sauce, vegetables and cheese here we introduce a pizza which has one more toppings i.e.  paneer which is very famous in India . We make some Indian Italian cuisine.... Continue Reading →

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